1. December 31, 2012

    Vikas & Varsa (Banglore)
    Everything that starts well ends well.

    It has been a pleasant trip for us; we enjoyed the tour, the planning was well thought of.

    The highlight of the tour was snorkeling at Havelock Island .On the arrangement we are very satisfied with the accommodation provided at Port Blair & Havelock.

    Tour operator/guide Ajay is excellent in hospitality and is very accommodative. I had left the camera battery in Hotel & since the car had left, he made an alternative arrangement to go back to the hotel & get it. He was punctual & always with a smile.
    Keep up the good work.
  2. Thanks for making our honeymoon so especial, it was well planned package, the itinery was very well scheduled.

    A special thanks to Ajay & Ganesh for being a great guide & company.

    Thanks to Prakash for making this trip an unforgettable memorable experience..

    We wish Mountain Edge best of luck.
  3. December 31, 2012

    Vichu/ Mythu (Chennai)
    We thank Mr. Prakash for arranging excellent place to stay in Port Blair & Havelock Island. We enjoyed the core, service & food during our stay which was excellent.

    We thoroughly enjoyed our trip in Andaman and the credit goes to Mountain Edge members. We were given special importance and were provided with the best hotels like Dome & Sea Shells. We were truly satisfied with the arrangements made by Mountain Edge from day one.

    We would like to thank everyone from Mountain Edge. Special thanks to Prakash, Sandhya, Ajay, Ganesh & Aziz.

    We would recommend our friends for their honeymoon ion Andaman only.

    A VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO “PRAKASH” for the “DOME Room” (Megapode-Dome).

    (We really miss this room & Andaman Islands).
  4. December 31, 2012

    Mr.Ashish Wagh (Mumbai)
    It was a splendid journey. Prakash & Sandhya were extremely helpful. We have never experienced a homely treatment like this……… we just don’t want to go away from here…….. But we will be back soon with our friends. Prakash’s management is excellent. We have found a wonderful friends and a beautiful family……… All the people Prakash had given us were very helpful I informative. We have had a beautiful honeymoon. Andaman’s is a very cool place to be in.

    We are feeling like we have left something back in their gorgeous family……. But we will be back soon…….

    Prakash…… Thanks for a wonderful experience……

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